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Standing on the shoulders of history

For over 30 years, our company has been steadily growing, serving the need of millions of people in the region. Our story is rooted in the Saudi traditions, but our vision is towards a brighter future for all man kind.
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Our Vision

For Nadec to be the leading food processing company in the Middle East and North Africa. Nadec strives to reach the highest consumer satisfaction levels by providing high-quality nutritious products.


At Nadec, we are committed to deliver delicious products with high nutritional value to enrich our consumers’ lifestyle and nourish community lives every day.
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Our Values

Our values, at Nadec, are the fundamental pillar to our work. Our principles embody our organizational culture which governs our practices, attitudes, and policies that can be seen through Nadec’s actions.

Nadec in numbers

1,400,000+ liters

Nadec produces over 1.4 million liters of dairy and juice a day.

35000+ stores

Nadec’s products are sold in over 35 thousand stores across GCC countries.

13,000+ quality tests

Over 13 thousand quality control tests are conducted daily.

5000+ employees

Nadec’s team is made up of more than 5000 employees.

2,300+ vehicles

Nadec’s distribution force consists of more than 2,300 vehicles.

92,000+ cows

Nadec’s dairy farms hold over 92 thousand cows.

2.69+ Billion

Nadec product sales have reached over 2.69 billion riyals.

95+ Million

Net profit for the company has reached over 95 million riyals

About Nadec

Nadec has reached the leadership as it is the first listed agricultural company in the Saudi Stock Market, and one of the first agricultural companies established in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the early eighties. 
Since Nadec's establishment, the founders have set in mind a major goal of effectively contributing to ensuring food security in the Kingdom. For more than 39 years, Nadec has ensured the most advanced technologies and systems that supported Nadec's leading position in the food manufacturing sector, which led the company towards the attainment of numerous accomplishments along with maintaining the production capacity growth and enhancing the operational systems and administrative systems as well, which has reflected on products variety and quality and raising the market share in the dairy, juice and food markets in the region.


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بداية مشروع إنتاج الزيتون المكثف.


افتتاح التوسعة األولى لمصنع األجبان.


بداية إنتاج العصائر الطازجة في التوسعة الجديدة.


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إفتتاح مزرعة الحزم النموذجية لألبقار التي تعد من أكبر المزارع المختصة


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