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Standing on the shoulders of history

For over 30 years, our company has been steadily growing, serving the need of millions of people in the region. Our story is rooted in the Saudi traditions, but our vision is towards a brighter future for all man kind.
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Our Vision

For Nadec to be the leading food processing company in the Middle East and North Africa. Nadec strives to reach the highest consumer satisfaction levels by providing high-quality nutritious products.


At Nadec, we are committed to deliver delicious products with high nutritional value to enrich our consumers’ lifestyle and nourish community lives every day.
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Our Values

Our values, at Nadec, are the fundamental pillar to our work. Our principles embody our organizational culture which governs our practices, attitudes, and policies that can be seen through Nadec’s actions.

Nadec in numbers

1 500 000 liters

Nadec produces over 1.5 million liters of dairy and juice a day

40 000 stores

Nadec’s products are sold in over 40 thousand stores across GCC countries

18 000 quality tests

Over 18 thousand quality control tests are conducted daily

7 000 employees

Nadec’s team is made up of more than 7000 employees

1 000 vehicles

Nadec’s distribution force consists of 1000 vehicles

83 000 cows

Nadec’s dairy farms hold over 83 thousand cows

2 000 000 000 riyals

Nadec product sales have reached over 2 billion riyals

7 300 000 riyals

Net profit for the company has reached over 7.3 million riyals

How Nadec became a successful company in the daily lives of people

Ever since our inception in 1981, we have been striving to improve the nutrition of the communities we are proudly serving. Our efforts and focus on detail has helped us achieve more than any other food technology company in the region. We are grateful that we were lucky enough to have had such a wonderful team, pushing the limits of what is possible, and touching the lives of billions of people. We started out as farmers in the fertile region of “Haradh”, blessed by a royal decreen. After years of hard work, we established ourselves as the leaders in the industry and we opened the company to everyone so that everyone can own a piece of the company that has set out to feed the generations to come.


Nadec was established with a capital of SAR 400 million


We started diary production and packaging


Our company passed SAR 300 million in revenue


Increase in the number of cows to reach 1000,
raised in 3 modern farms


We reached 1 million liters of dairy products daily


Growing in sales to over SAR 500 million with dairy representing 60% of the total sales


Expanding Nadec’s product lineup to include juice


Nadec was the first company to introduce PET bottles in Saudi, the same year our sales grew to SAR 575 million


We surpassed SAR 1 billion in sales


Increase in the number of cows to reach over 50 000 heads


Increase in sales and market share


Suprassed 18% of total sales of dairy and juice


We became one of the fastest-growing companies in the Middle East


We surpassed SAR 2 billion in sales


Ending the first stage of cow farming and investing in over 3200 hectares of Sudanese farms


We established a manufacturing facility for plastic packaging