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4 Tips to a Refreshing and enjoyable Summer holiday


Summer has always been the most anticipated season, as it's usually devoted for rest and relaxation, after tiring months of studying and non-stop work. Although everyone is excited and eager for it, the rising temperatures and longer days may seem as a challenge or an obstacle to achieving summer plans. Here’re tips that will ensure healthy and fun summer. 

4 tips to have refreshing summer:


Staying active is one of the most important things to maintain both physical and mental health. Exercise helps reduce stress levels by releasing endorphins hormone, which in turn contributes to fighting anxiety and depression while increasing relief and happiness, in addition to improving sleep quality. 



Practicing gardening in all shapes and forms, whether it is in your backyard or indoor, can reduce the feeling of strain and improve your mood. In general, plants and flowers are a great aesthetic addition that restore your connection to nature while improving air quality around you. 


Seasonal Fruits 

Summer is well-known for its richness and variety of delicious fruits that are highly recommended to consume due to the amount of water and vitamins provided in fruits like watermelon, cantaloupe and berries. Which in turn hydrates the body and boosts its energy while resisting summer heat. You can also mix fruits in various recipes such as the desserts, fruit salads, ice cream or even smoothies and juices. Where at Nadec, we offer 100% sugar-free juices.


Sunlight Exposure 

Make some time for sunlight, whether you like to spend it outside in your house backyard or rooftop, or simply by opening the curtain in the morning, afternoon. As sunlight is considered to be the top source for vitamin D. Which contributes to the absorption of calcium, making it critical for bone health. It also increases the release rate of the happiness hormone, known as serotonin. Sunlight also stimulates white blood cells production, which is known to be at the front line of the body defense, while they enhance its immunity against diseases. 


Finally, Nadec wishes you a summer full of fun and energy. And don’t forget to share your thoughts and tips on social media.