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Fun and cheerfulness activities that develop skills for kids


Summer holiday has always been considered a special time filled with joy and fun for both children and families. Since we are going through exceptional circumstances due to COVID-19 it may limit outdoor activities,so we decided to share with a couple of ideas for fun activities that will help children acquire new skills and improve their abilities and talents. 

Here are the most important activities for kids:

One of the most prominent indoor activities that you can easily teach children is cooking. That can be done simply by choosing easy-to-make recipes consisting of healthy ingredients like fruits salad or juices. You can also give them the opportunity to cook and decorate their favorite dishes.

Cycling is highly beneficial for kids as it contributes to gaining multiple skills while building and strengthening muscles. You can start teaching gradually until they gain confidence in their abilities and can balance the bike very well, but the most important thing is making sure they are having fun. 

Swimming and watersports are kids' favorites especially during summer, so it’s a great change for swimming lessons. Whether it's in a built pool or where you can use them to teach him how to swim. Whether it's in a customized pool at home or in an inflatable or plastic pool. You can also add other aqua activities such as water guns or use water balloons! 


It is very crucial to invest and improve in creative and intellectual skills by engaging in artistic activities such as drawing, photography, and making cloth toys with recycled materials at home. Or you can teach them Origami, the Japanese art of folding paper, which gives them plenty of space to create geometric shapes, animals, or even flowers. 

The list goes on and on with a variety of children indoor activities that they can enjoy during the summer. After all, summer break is one of the most fun times of the year. As Nadec wishes you a joyful and happy vacation.