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Why greek yogurt became an essential part of the diet?


Have you ever wondered why athletes and nutritionists like greek yogurt so much to the point it became an essential part of their diet? 

The benefits of Greek Yogurt

Rich in Protein

Compared to dairy products, Greek yogurt has a higher percentage of protein. As it plays a critical role in building muscles, bones, cartilage, skin, hair and even blood. Protein also contributes in transferring substances around the human body, such as transferring oxygen through cell membranes. Moreover, it provides the body with energy and helps maintain nerves health and the immune system functions. 


Reduces Hunger 

Since Greek yogurt is packed with protein, it helps people feel satiety much faster leading to a decrease in appetite to eat more. Which in turn results in reducing consumed calories and of course weight loss. 


Improves Metabolism and Digestion Rate

Protein in Greek yogurt also boosts the metabolism process. Which is responsible for burning calories, breaking down food to energy, and essential elements to be used by the body for biological and vital functions.


Boost Muscles Recovery

Athletes prefer consuming greek yogurt right after workout, due to the fact that protein doesn’t only play a role in building and strengthening muscles but also contributes in repairing any fiber damage as it regenerates muscle tissue. 


It’s worth mentioning that Nadec offers a wide collection of greek yogurt flavors such as strawberries and mixed berries made with 100% fresh cow’s milk making it a great choice for a healthy snack that’s suitable for everyone.