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Winning Biol international Award for 11 years straight


For the 11th time, Nadec received the Biol International award specialized in assessing the quality of the finest organic virgin olive oil after competing with more than 500 olive oil products from all around the globe. 

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Award

The BIOL International Award is an award given by the International Research Center for total quality testing in Italy. The facility specializes in assessing the quality of the finest organic virgin olive oil through lab and taste tests conducted by international experts.


Such an award is the result of Nadec commitments and attention to the smallest quality details, which in turn contributed to maintaining its superiority while competing with well-known international companies. Nadec won the award due to its tireless work and use of smart technologies that established an integrated factory for olive oil production lines, and laboratories with the most advanced equipment to ensure product quality meet international standards.


Furthermore, Nadec uses modern equipment to distribute organic fertilizers. As it utilizes a variety of smart technologies for automated harvesting and an eco-friendly irrigation system that saves more water. Where all these processes are managed by a specialized team that monitors the progress of every step in production.


The organic extra virgin olive oil product is just one example of a huge products collection offered by Nadec. As it committed to producing nutritionally rich products that contribute to maintaining healthy diet and lifestyle consumers, which ultimately results in better quality of life. In addition to Nadec commitment to achieve the Kingdom's 2030 vision goals, by economic development and improving self-sufficiency by decreasing imports and raising dependence on the national economy.