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Our innovations

Nadec strives to gain its consumers’ satisfaction by diversifying its products, and through its strategic plans and series of procedures, research and development starting from the manufacturing phase to the delivery of its products to its consumers.

FMCG Research and Development

Nadec’s research and development processes raise the levels of production and creation of yearly research plans for the company in various fields. One of the main goals that aid in overcoming obstacles is finding alternatives and improving the quality of products through which FMCG reports are made.


Nadec has always followed the highest quality standards and implemented all quality and food safety systems that are recognized locally, regionally and internationally. This has resulted in its ISO 22000 accreditation which is concerned with food safety, along with ISO 9001 that is concerned with supervising the levels of quality and processes in organizations as well as its accreditation from the Saudi Quality Brand.

Nadec constantly ensures the quality of its products through its quality department by conducting more than 13,000 tests daily, along with quality management through assembling teams of highly qualified and talented personnel along with providing the necessary technologies and maintaining its place as a pioneering figure in the fields of agriculture, dairy production and food and industrial manufacturing.


Nadec utilizes the latest and most efficient technological systems and operational processes. It recruits the best human resources with the most extensive expertise in order to enhance the unique competitive qualities of the company, as well as improving the processes, supplying the demand in the shortest time possible, controlling the quality levels, ensuring efficient product distribution and limiting costs.

Nadec continues to focus on creating new systems and programs, as well as employing the latest technologies to enhance and increase the levels of operation, limit operational expenses, establish diversity and expansion in its products, improve training programs to supplement human resource ability and enhance the overall production abilities.

Our product innovations

Product awards

The BIOL International Award

Nadec’s olive oil has been awarded the BIOL International Award. The BIOL International Award is an award given by the International Research Center for total quality testing in Italy. It is considered to be one of the best international facilities that specializes in assessing the quality of the finest organic virgin olive oil. Our olive oil has been awarded this reward for 11 years in a row.

King Abdulaziz Quality Award for Ideal Factory

Nadec received King Abdulaziz Quality Award for Ideal factory (2000). This award is given based on the industrial activities that increase the efficiency and quality which ensure the highest levels of production, quality, and distribution.

The best olive oil in the GCC region

Nadec has received the best olive oil certificate in the GCC region.

The Highest Quality Virgin Olive Oil (2015)

Nadec won the Silver Award in the 9th international olive oil competition in China (2015).

Nadec’s Cream Cheese: The best in the GCC

Nadec received the Best Cream Cheese Certificate in the GCC region.



Nadec received HACCP certification for its olive oil (2009). HACCP Certification is specialized in assessing extra virgin organic olive oil.

ISO 9001: 2008

Nadec received the ISO 9001:2008 certification for quality control. ISO is considered one of the basic international standardization systems of quality control.

BioFach’s German Certification for the Best Organic Virgin Olive Oil

Nadec’s olive oil received the BioFach’s German Certification as the Best Organic Virgin Olive Oil (2008) BioFach is one of the world's largest trade-fair for organic food products.

The Organic Farming Certification from the German company “CERES”

The Organic Farming Certification from the German company “CERES”. Nadec’s olive oil received CERES certification as an organic product (2012). CERES certification is specialized in organic farming.

AIB International

Nadec received the AIB International certification in (2017 & 2018) AIB International certification is concerned with the global standardization of food safety.

SASO certified dairy products

Nadec was awarded SASO certificate for its dairy products by the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization.

ISO 22000 2005

Nadec has received ISO 22000 certification for food safety management systems.