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Haradh project

It is the first and largest project of Nadec Company, in which there are many fields of agricultural production and food manufacturing, as the main activity includes the manufacture of dairy products, dairy products, and juices. The project includes all operations related to the dairy and juice industry, which consists of two integrated factories for manufacturing these products, designed according to the latest advanced technologies in this field. The project also has seven cow farms designed with the latest international technical specifications to create suitable environmental conditions for raising cows. The project's activities also include palm plantations.
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Al-Jouf Project

The Wadi Al-Sarhan project is located in the Al-Jawf region in the far northwest of the Kingdom. This project is characterized by a suitable climate for growing deciduous fruit trees such as peaches, apricots, and plums. The project includes one of the largest olive groves in the world. The total number of olive trees has reached 5 million olive trees using the intensive and organic cultivation method that aims to exploit the unit area and reduce the amount of water, as well as the ease of mechanical harvesting compared to traditional agriculture, of which 2.7 million trees are fruitful.

Hail project

The Hail project is located about 120 kilometers northeast of the city of Hail. The project area is 28,900 hectares, in which wheat, fodder, industrial potatoes, and onions are grown. The project has a calf fattening unit.

Wadi Al-Dawasir project

The total area of ​​this project is 40,000 hectares, in which many agricultural crops are grown, such as wheat, fodder, industrial potatoes, and onions.