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Easy steps to boost and enhance your body immunity


Selfcare has become a trending topic especially during the current circumstances, as it plays a critical role in protecting the body against diseases with the help of the immunity system. That’s why we have decided to dedicate today’s blog to feature easy steps to a healthier lifestyle boosting body immunity. 

Immunity boosting steps:


Get enough sleep

Sleep has always been one of the most important factors contributing to health as it boosts body immunity against viruses and diseases. That’s why it’s recommended to get 6-8 hours of sleep for adults and 8-10 hours of sleep for children. It also helps if you try to limit screen time as it disrupts the circadian rhythm and in general the sleep cycle. You could also use blue light filters on smartphones and tablets to minimize its effects.

Consuming dairy products can also help you get better sleep due to the fact that it contains an amino acid called Tryptophan. The body doesn’t secrete it naturally but gets it from food. It helps fight back insomnia and regulate sleep. Dairy products also contain Melatonin hormone that sends nerve signals to the body indicating it’s time to sleep, while Calcium helps relaxing the muscles and preparing it for sleeping.

It’s worth mentioning that Nadec offers a huge collection of innovative dairy products such as Laban Ayran featuring unique salty flavour, or Tamry made from the finest Saudi dates and 100% natural cows milk. Along with a variety of Greek Yogurt flavours known for their richness in protein and vitamins including A, B12 and D. 

تقوية المناعة مع منتجات نادك (immunity booster)

Eat healthy fats

Usually fat is surrounded with stigma and misconception due to saturated fats health risks and consequences when consumed excessively. This stereotype stole healthy fats thunder and its benefits that can be found in fish and olive oil which in turn contributes to boosting the immunity system against viruses and harmful bacteria. Olive oil is great for its anti-inflammatory features that helps decrease the risk of chronic diseases like diabetes type 2. 

Nadec provides the finest organic virgin olive oil that is also award winning most recently the Italian award BIOL in 2020 after competing with over 500 products. BIOL is considered to be one of the best international facilities that specializes in assessing the quality of the finest organic virgin olive oil with the help of their research center for total quality testing and professional taste experts from all around the world.

زيت الزيتون وتقوية المناعة (immunity booster)

Limit added sugar consumption 

 It has been suggested to limit added sugar intake to less than 5% of daily recommended calories. Where added sugar and refined carbohydrates contribute to obesity that increase the risk of other chronic diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes type 2, and heart disease, which in turn weaken the body immunity and its ability to fight back.


That’s why Nadec commits to providing fresh and natural juices that are sugar-free. It also reassures it’s commtinatin to providing healthy products that are high quality and rich nutiantinal for customer satisfaction. Nadec collaborates locally with a number of authorities, associations and charitable organizations to support social and health issues. It also takes the initiative to raise awareness in regards to nutrition, health, children and youth issues, as well as encouraging conscious lifestyle choices that supplement the health of the society.